CMI Women’s Conference

6. (1) Helping Each Other Flourish

2018 marks an important anniversary in the history of women’s status. In 1918 the Representation of the People Act came into force and allowed a limited group of women to vote (provided they were over 30 years old and that they met the property qualification). Furthermore in 1918 the first woman, Constance Markievicz, was elected a Member of Parliament in the House of Commons.

On March 9th, CMI Women (Chartered Management Institute) held a ‘Helping Each Other Flourish’ conference in Leeds as part of their International Women’s Day celebrations. The purpose of the conference was to highlight ways in which we can ‘help each other to flourish’ we reach our own potential as well as helping others reach their potential.

There were a number of speakers from various careers participating in the conference, discussing a range of topics and offering advice on how to improve career success.

Here’s what some speakers discussed:

Anj Handa – The Power of Connection.

During her presentation, Anj showed how your opportunities at work along with your personal profile can be boosted through leading social change. She also emphasised the importance of making connections with others whether it be in the workplace, at conferences or by using the internet and social media.

Stephen Crow – How to Strategise. 

Stephen highlighted the many benefits of having a strategy such as using it to deal with and adapt to change, assess opportunities and set direction and priorities. While the importance of a strategy was discussed in a corporate context, the importance of having a personal strategic agenda to aid personal development was also emphasised.

Meg Munn – Overcoming the Challenges of Public and Political Life.

During her career, Meg Munn has been Member of Parliament, a Minister for Women and Equality and a Minister in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. She discussed some of the challenges that she has encountered while working in the political and public sector, and offered advice on approaches that can help overcome such challenges.

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