The First Placement – Procurement Unit

Following the initial fortnight in the Learning and Development Unit which allowed me to settle into my new role and to gain a better understanding of Gwynedd Council as a whole, I have now started my first placement in the Procurement Unit where I will be based for the first three months of the Scheme.

So far in the Procurement Unit I have been working on a variety of tasks such as:

Construct a Category Management Chart.

Category management is a strategic approach where procurement is divided into specific spending groups – in Gwynedd Council these spending groups are People, Environment and Corporate. My task was to create a category management chart showing the performance management structure and management structure within the procurement arrangement and what is everyone’s role within that arrangement.

Procurement Competence Project.

This will be my main project while working in the Procurement Unit. I will be gathering feedback from the procurement officers regarding the procurement arrangements  and identifying any obstacles that many exist and if there are any obstacles, thinking of ways to reduce and eliminate those barriers.

Updating the Standard Terms and Conditions.

I have been working alongside the legal department to update the standard terms and conditions to include the most current laws and legislation.

I have also had the opportunity to attend a number of various meetings, whether it be with some of the Council’s suppliers, other officers and managers within the Council and also the Chief Executive. I have also continued to visit some of the Council’s front line services. One of these visits was with a transport monitoring officer where I had the opportunity to see how the Council manages a bus service supplier contract, checking that the buses are appropriate and that they arrive within the time slot as the agreed in the contract.

In the coming weeks I will continue to make further front line visits to learn more about the Council’s services. I will also be continuing to work on the above projects in the Procurement Unit and will be starting the CIPS course soon.

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