The First Fortnight

During my two week induction period as a trainee at Gwynedd Council under the Specialists of Tomorrow Scheme I have been based at the Learning and Development Unit settling into my new role and developing my knowledge of various aspects of the Council.

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Welcoming Workshop

My first morning was spent at a Welcome Workshop where a group of us as the Council’s newest employees were given an introduction to Gwynedd Council. The rest of the day was spent going over general arrangements and discussing the arrangements of the Scheme.

One of the main tasks for me during the first fortnight of the Scheme was to introduce myself and meet some of my colleagues, the category teams as well as some of the managers and heads of departments.

Another task during the induction period was to gain a better understanding of the structure of the Council, its departments and services. There are many services that Gwynedd Council offers – over a 100 as a matter of fact. While it seemed a slightly daunting task to have an understanding of these services at first, I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to visit the Council’s front line such as visiting Siop Gwynedd in Caernarfon and Pwllheli.

Siop Gwynedd Pwllheli

Another front line visit I made was to the Galw Gwynedd contact centre in Penrhyndeudraeth. I spent two days there observing the staff as they dealt with a wide range of phone-calls and online enquiries, such as arranging an appointment with the registrar, ordering new bins or bin bags and enquiries regarding highways, along with the administrative work dealt with at the centre. It was a hugely valuable experience not only to see the service provided at the centre but also as the enquiries were passed on to the relevant services and departments it provided a chance for me to learn more about the Council’s structure and various services.

The experiences that I have had during the first fortnight on the Specialists of Tomorrow Scheme have without a doubt been extremely beneficial for me to set a good basis of knowledge of Gwynedd Council. Next week represents a new chapter in the Scheme for me as I will be starting my first placement with the Procurement Unit.

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