Location 2 – Youth Service

Only 24 hours has passed since I arrived at my second placement, and I have already settled in the Council’s Economy and Community Department – welcomed into a fun and supportive team.

The department is responsible for a number of developments we take for granted, for example Country Parks, Archives, Museums, Community Regeneration and Substantial Projects. We see the outcomes of their hard work on a daily basis without realising who is responsible for overseeing the projects.

I have been placed to work with the Youth Service. If you are an individual who lives in Gwynedd and have not heard of the changes that is facing our Youth Service at the moment, you may have been living under a shell, or have left the country. Transforming the Youth service is a hot topic that has recently triggered discussions, debates and campaigns, and on that note, welcome to my second placement.

While most people, I assume, would run a mile in the other direction before agreeing to step over the threshold of a service receiving so much attention in times of change, I have eagerly stepped in, and am ready to rise to the challenge. I have met the team and am more than ready to start on my work program – I’ll be sure to bring you with me on the journey!