Who do you think you are?

“Now then Elliw, can you explain to me why have you stuggled so much with this question?”

I listen to the gentle voice of my mentor for the CMI qualification. I’ve spent hours, days, trying to answer questions for my first assignment, but without much luck. Therefore, I decided to meet my mentor to discuss the red marks that is covering my assignment.

Why have I struggled? Well, where to start offering reasons? I’ve never studied the skills of management before. I have just started in the role. The qualification is at masters level. I did not have any practical experiences to offer. Most importantly, I can not find a management manual outlining strategies that must be followed to help me answer the questions, so I’m not to blame for my lack of knowledge.

“I do not know how the managers think and plan and lead at my workplace yet. I can’t find the information. ”

“Well, how do you do it?”

“But I am not a manager, I am a trainee.”

“Do you lead a project? Do you manage change? ”

“Well..Yes on a small scale.”

“Then you are a leader. Now tell me again, how do you do this? What have you already done? ”

And the penny dropped. 

It’s no wonder that I had not had any luck trying to pass a qualification in leadership when I did not even consider myself as the leader.

I was looking for the answers from others, rather than focusing on the experiences that I had already received as part of the scheme. With my new thinking, the red marks disappeared overnight, like magic.

When thinking as a leader, and seeing myself assuming responsibility, I was able to answer confidently and correctly. When thinking as a trainee, I did not push my boundaries, and excused my lack of knowledge and examples.

Thinking can influence your image, attitude, confidence and other vision of you.

So … Who do you think you are?

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