Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey

Throughout my time in education, I have been interested in the variety and popularity of Welsh drama, music and literature. I was always fond of a complex plot or a good script that enabled me to learn about characters and situations.

When completing my degree in Psychology, people were central to my studies, looking at the impact of events on people’s feelings and emotions, and prior to securing this role, my previous job was working as a primary school teacher, teaching children in year 5 and 6. In a day I could be a number of characters, authoritative, sensitive, fun, enthusiastic and disappointed, but always managing from the front of the class.

I have always enjoyed looking at the impact of a situation on people, but I have never been responsible for creating a deliberate impact on a situation before. In my role as a management trainee, I’m busy learning that small details are important, and that people are very complicated.

I was very eager to be part of an organization that enabled me to deal with people on a daily basis, but I did not realize the impact that each individual’s contribution can have on decisions. In my current role, I do not deal directly with the public. I do not offer a direct service to the residents of Gwynedd. Or do I?

When managing a project and changing systems, much of the work that happens depends on who I know, what is my relationship with others, and how I can work with others to create change. While I have my own ideas and objectives, this is true of everyone in the organization, and if everyone’s objective and goal is different, how are we ever going to make a decision?

For example, one project that I work on involves converting a current system to be more effective. At first glance, I had outlined what I thought was necessary to change, sketching a plan that I thought would be able to work, and ready to change the system. But very soon I learned that slowly slowly catchy monkey.

Every person that is part of the present system sees value to some aspects, and receives other information that is not so relevant to them, but every piece of information is important to someone. Additionally, every individual is busy at work, and asking individuals to step back and look at what matters is almost seen as a waste of time or even impossible in some situations. Where do we find all of the extra time needed to hold the meetings and discussions in a working day? Everyone has views and feelings that are important to us, and so how do we compromise to ensure that the “people of Gwynedd can be central to everything we do?”

When thinking as a technician, by using the correct code, we can program systems to comply, change or reach the same conclusion, but by considering people’s feelings and aspirations, we must work harder to compromise and manage change effectively .

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