My First Placement

Eight weeks into the scheme, and I have finally reached my first work placement. I have been waiting eagerly for this day since starting in my role, but now that it is here, the butterflies in my stomach cannot keep still. The induction period was extremely valuable and full of experiences that gave me an insight into the important services that Gwynedd Council offers. However, I’m looking forward to getting started, and being able to work within a departement for a six month period, until the end of March.

Like all new jobs, hours, days or even the first few weeks can be an uncertain period, trying to get to know everyone, learning about the role, and getting comfortable in a completely new location. In the past, at the beginning of a new job I have always had the comfort of knowing that everyone else has been in the same situation. Furthermore, I took great comfort from knowing that I usually stepped into someone else’s shoes with their role clearly defined, and the manager being more than happy to outline what is expected of me.

After a great time working with Elin, we are both now placed working on different projects based in different departments. As a trainee I am based in the Council’s Adult, Health and Wellbeing department. I do not fill someone else’s empty role, and my job does not affect anyone’s ability to do their own. I’m in a new role and I’m not sure where to start!

The projects that I work on will include:
• Managing the project of internalization of service to the Department
• Modify and develop a brokerage system within the service working closely with the team, and staff involved in the current system.
• Mapping the Council’s current processes, in order to identify barriers, simplify and modify processes.

There is now a time to learn about the department, learn about everyone’s roles within the team and ongoing projects, arrange meetings with the main individuals involved in the projects. I also plan to ask a hundred questions ready to learn as much as I am able to for my role. I am being guided and encouraged by my placement manager and I’m ready to start on my work. I have a lot of learning to do, but I’m ready for the challenge!

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