“Sometimes you need to stand in front of tanks”

First 1000 Days Conference, Cardiff, 13/12/17.

What is the First 1000 Days program?

The First 1000 Days is a collaboration program between Public Health Wales and Wales Well Wales, and focuses on ensuring that all activities carried out to improve health in the early years are co-ordinated and that all partners work to the same objective.

The conference

Wake up at 4:45 am. The 6:01 direct train to Cardiff – cancelled. The 6:18 to Chester-Crewe-Cardiff. 3 different trains before 9am. Arrive at Cardiff 10:35 am. Half an hour late, but just in time to hear the talk of John Carnochan.

John is a retired police officer and is from Scotland. His conversation was totally inspiring. His presentation focused on tackling the problem rather than blaming in situations and emphasised the need to get to the core of problems (in offenders in this case). The core of the problems often stem from the early years of life and in order to prevent, John emphasised the importance of doing the right thing, and in order to do so, “sometimes you need to stand in front of tanks” (tanks being the obstacles). Despite the seriousness of his conversation he was totally inspiring and made the presentation light and easy to follow.

stand in front of tanks
An illustration of John Carnochan’s quote by the Scarlet Design Group

There were a number of other inspirational speakers there, one of which included Huw Irranca-Davies, Minister for Social Care and Children in Wales. Whilst the guest speakers talked and the different activities being run, an artist from the Scarlet Design Group was recording the conversations through ‘infographics’. This was such an effective way to summarize.

Huw Irranca-Davies
Huw Irranca-Davies’ inspirational talk

Lunch. Thereafter there was a discussion about various data about each local authority area in Wales. Each group were asked to set specific objectives and improvements to the ways of working in partnership within those areas and to discuss where the role of Public Service Boards in assisting this to happen. It was interesting to hear the needs and feelings across the whole of Wales.

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