A ‘hidden gem’ in the heart of the trees…

Felin Glanrafon (Glanrafon Mill) is literally 5 minutes away from my home – which was great for me.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from the day really. Yes I knew that the Felin was a learning disabilities day centre where they sold kindling and were excellent at renewing and giving new life to old furniture but that’s as far as my knowledge went.

I started from home at 8:45am to be there by 8:50.

Walking into the Mill, immediately gave a homely sense. The place, the friendliness and hospitality of staff there on the day (Trefor, Barry and Carys) made me feel totally welcome.

Barry gave me a site visit before the service users arrived – and what a variety that goes on! Logs and kindling cutting, growing flowers and vegetables, renovating old picnic benches, renewing old furniture, selling products in a shop on the Glynllifon site.

There were 12 service users in the Mill on Tuesdays, each of different backgrounds and ages but all hard workers and extremely welcoming. It was obvious that everyone was very happy at the Mill because there was plenty of smiles and fun all around. A very valuable location with fantastic staff and service users. One of the real ‘hidden gems’ in the heart of the trees – I will be back soon!

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