When you think about what local government does, what is the first thing that springs to mind for you: collecting taxes, refuse collection or running libraries perhaps? If one of these answers came to your mind first, you are quite right, but you might not be aware of the range of other services and functions that local government undertakes every day.

The Council provides a broad range of services across our County which include educating our children, caring for our people, cleaning our streets, looking after our well-being and promoting our local businesses to succeed.

The main thing that enables us as a Council to do this is the staff that work here. The Council is full of people who have chosen to work here because they want to help the people of Gwynedd and make a difference to the communities and the environment in which we live.

Cynllun Yfory, which is the Gwynedd Council Graduates Scheme, gives you the opportunity to develop expertise in a key area and to understand more about the requirements of working in local government. You will receive practical experiences and many opportunities to develop your specialist and personal skills to ensure a long and prosperous career here.

Why not apply for Gwynedd Council’s Cynllun Yfory?

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